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We aim to provide for each learner’s individual needs so that they can strive to reach their fullest potential as well as their goals in their schooling career. We offer tuition services in a comfortable environment in which any child can thrive, providing each learner with individual attention and assistance while sitting alongside students with the same drive and goals. There’s also an option of one on one tutoring and we come to you.


We offer tutoring services for all grades and subjects.

Homework Assistance

Helping students complete their homework and making sure they grasp the concepts that are required to be learnt and understood.

Spelling & reading skills

Give your child a good foundation and boost their confidence.

Study Skills

Assisting students with summarizing, minds maps, acronyms, Q-cards etc. to help them get the most out of their preparation for tests and exams.

Comfortable learning environment

We strive to offer a comfortable and relaxed environment so that students can focus and progress at their own pace.

Work ahead

We firmly believe that working ahead is beneficial for a student so we always strive to help students get ahead of the rest.

Other Services


We offer safe and reliable transport, to and from school or from school/home to our facility and back.


Let us take care of your child after school.

Home schooling

We assist students with working through their home schooling curriculum and preparing for their exams.